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Granberg Adjustable Height Kitchen Island - Centerlift 960HF

Granberg Adjustable Height Kitchen Island - Centerlift 960HF


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Both tall and short people work in the kitchen and everyone needs different working heights. Moreover, different kitchen chores require different working heights. 
Adjustable Height Kitchen Island CENTERLIFT creates a kitchen in which everyone can work comfortably while also providing a natural hub in the kitchen where people can gather, on an ordinary weekday or on festive occasions. The lifting system can be integrated with kitchens from any kitchen manufacturer.


Frame depth 45.2" (1148 mm)
Frame width 45.2"-108.2" (1148 mm-2748 mm)
Depth worktop 47.2" (1200 mm)
Width worktop 47.2"-110.2" (1200-2800 mm)
Installation Floor-mounted
Height adjustment

Motorised, steplessly adjustable 15.7" (400 mm),
27.6"-43.3" (700-1100 mm) excl. top board

Speed level 1.2" (30 mm) / sec.
Operation Corded button

The safety strip is placed under the frame. If anything touches the safety strip, the lifting unit stops

Electrical connection 2 Plugs for 110 V
Plumbing connections Connection is made with flexible hoses
Lifting force 440 lb (200 kg)
IP-class IP 20
Front height 4.06" (103 mm)
Delivery modules

Ready-mounted worktop incl. safety switch, motors

Fittings supplied Bracket for fronts and top board

Aluminium frame

Warranty 3 years warranty
Granberg makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the invoicing date.
Dimensions - Kitchen Island Centerlift 960HF - For own front, depth 45.2
Dimensions - Kitchen Island Centerlift 960HF - For own front, depth 45.2
Dimensions - Kitchen Island Centerlift 960HF - For own front, depth 45.2

Functions and Advantages

  • Motorised kitchen island lift
  • Height-adjustable 27.6"-43.3" (70-110 cm) above floor (excl. top board)
  • 440 lb (200 kg) lifting power
  • The sides are preassembled and adjustable sideways to suit the sink and hob
  • Integrated safety switch

Useful information

  • Fittings for top board enclosed
  • Sink bowls with a maximum height of 4.7" (120 mm) can be integrated
  • Electronics and motor system "Plug and Play"
  • The position of the motors is adjustable to the side (then screwed into the floor)

Standard equipment

  • Factory-mounted aluminium system with movable brackets
  • Floor-mounted motors
  • Safety switch

    Considerations for Adjustable Height Kitchen Islands

    While adjustable height kitchen islands offer numerous benefits, several factors should be considered before incorporating them into your kitchen design. These considerations will ensure that the implementation of an adjustable height island aligns with your space, budget, and requirements.

    1. Space and Layout

    Before installing an adjustable height kitchen island, carefully evaluate your kitchen's layout and available space. Consider factors such as traffic flow, clearance requirements, and the island's positioning in relation to other kitchen elements. Proper space planning will ensure that the island enhances functionality without causing congestion or hindering movement within the kitchen.

    2. Structural Stability

    When adding an adjustable height kitchen island, it is crucial to ensure its structural stability. The island must be designed to support the weight of countertops, appliances, and any additional fixtures. Engage the expertise of a professional contractor or kitchen designer to assess your kitchen's structural integrity and ensure that the island's installation adheres to building codes and safety standards.

    3. Power and Mechanism

    These Adjustable height kitchen islands require a power source to facilitate their height adjustment mechanism. Plan for electrical outlets or consider battery-powered options to operate the island's mechanism efficiently. Factor in the power supply and mechanism compatibility during the island's design and installation phase.

    4. Budget and Cost

    Budget considerations play a vital role in any home improvement project. Determine a realistic budget for your adjustable height island and research different options within your price range. Evaluate the cost of materials, finishes, installation, and any additional features or accessories to make an informed decision that aligns with your financial resources.

    Choosing the Right Adjustable Height Island

    To select the perfect adjustable height island for your kitchen, pay attention to key factors that will ensure seamless integration and a satisfying experience.

    1. Size and Dimensions

    Consider the available space in your kitchen and choose an adjustable height kitchen island that fits harmoniously within the layout. Take precise measurements to determine the appropriate size and dimensions that provide ample workspace while maintaining functionality and flow in the kitchen.

    2. Material and Finishes

    The choice of materials and finishes for your adjustable height island is essential in achieving the desired aesthetics and durability. Explore options such as granite, quartz, wood, or stainless steel, considering factors such as maintenance requirements, stain resistance, and overall style compatibility with your kitchen décor.

    3. Style and Design

    The style and design of the adjustable height kitchen island should align with your personal taste and the overall theme of your kitchen. Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, or minimalist look, select an island that seamlessly integrates with the existing design elements and contributes to the desired ambiance.

    Installation and Maintenance

    1. Professional Installation

    To ensure a seamless and safe installation of your adjustable height kitchen island, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Experienced contractors or kitchen designers possess the expertise to handle the complexities involved in island installation, ensuring proper structural support, electrical connections, and overall functionality.

    2. Maintenance Tips

    To keep your adjustable height kitchen island in top condition, follow these maintenance tips:

    • Regularly clean the surface using manufacturer-recommended cleaning agents.
    • Avoid placing hot pans or sharp objects directly on the island's surface to prevent damage.
    • Check and tighten any screws or fasteners periodically to maintain stability.
    • If your island has mechanical components, follow the manufacturer's instructions for lubrication and maintenance.


    1. Are adjustable height kitchen islands suitable for small kitchens?

    Yes, adjustable height islands can be a great addition to small kitchens as they offer versatility and maximize space utilization. However, it is essential to ensure proper space planning to prevent overcrowding.

    2. Can I install an adjustable height island myself?

    While it is possible to install an adjustable height island yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional for a seamless and safe installation, especially if electrical connections are involved.

    3. Are adjustable height kitchen islands expensive?

    The cost of adjustable height islands varies depending on factors such as materials, finishes, size, and additional features. It is essential to determine your budget and explore options within your price range.

    4. How often do adjustable height islands require maintenance?

    Regular cleaning and basic maintenance should be performed to keep your adjustable height island in good condition. The frequency of maintenance depends on usage, but it is generally recommended to inspect and clean the island periodically.

    5. Can I retrofit my existing kitchen with an adjustable height kitchen island?

    In some cases, it may be possible to retrofit an existing kitchen with an adjustable height kitchen island. However, it is crucial to consult with a professional to assess the feasibility and structural implications of such an installation.